Performing periodic backup and recovery drills can be a daunting task. Is meeting the stringent requirements of today's audit guidelines, and keeping up-to-date with the latest versions taking up your critical resource and time.

Trust this work to professionals, and see how this can benefit your business, and make your life easy.

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See what NDTV CIO Mr K Yegneshwara Iyer has to say about implementation and benefits of having Ace Data Abhraya Cloud Backup Services.

NDTV relies on us to ensure faster recovery times in case of data loss

Data is critical for any organization, specially for media houses who have to provide accurate historical references for current events. Ace Data backup and recovery solutions ensure that in any calamity, the can surely depend on availability of their data.

See how Apollo Hospitals is prepared for any data casualty

Multi-Specialty, Multi-Location Apollo Hospitals is an organization that believes in being ready for any emergency, medical or otherwise. They chose Ace Data as their backup solution provider to make sure that all their patient records are always available.

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