///NDTV – Backup Life-cycle Management

NDTV – Backup Life-cycle Management

Backup Vault for Media vertical

India’s first fully managed fully automated cloud based backup solution


Can you become India’s leading news broadcasting network in just 20 years, ranked in India’s top 5 television network since Independence, setting new standards of reporting, integrity and information delivery? #### can!


Infrastructure snapshot:

  • 2 file servers (central and remote)
  • 1 Exchange server
  • 3.5 Terabytes of file data
  • 5 Terabytes database size


In order for a Top ranked media house to deliver state of the art results for its audience, a flawless information system and infrastructure must be there to support the proper generation, delivery and protection of data and information. As a name that defines what a highest standard in information delivery truly is, our client simply could not afford having less than the best in the industry data protection solution brought by the Cloud.


Media industry has been heavily affected by the exponential data growth trend especially in the last 2 years. As data grows, so do challenges related to internal management and security of data as well as external pressures due to inability for complying to industry’s standards for electronic protection of data and archiving

Before Backup Vault:

  • 10-14 hours weekly full backup
  • 5 hours daily incremental backup
  • 3.5 terabytes of data backed up during the full weekly backups

The Big data problem

At the time of discussion, our media client had 3.5 terabytes of data mainly stored as audio and video files. Soon our diagnostic tool which is part of the solution scanned the entire network just to discover that out of 3.5 TBs, 2 TBs of data was not used at all in the last 6 months although it was continually backed up for protection. In other words; tapes, time and other resources were invested for protection of almost 60% of existing data that has no business usage and value.

Tape based backup – A thing of the past but still here

Our client used to run full Backup of its file servers on tapes once every week as well as daily Incremental backups. The length of the full Backup was not less than 10-14 hours, prone on interruptions that required constant supervision by IT personnel. The client also deploys remote file server which additionally burdens the management of tapes and the backup sets between the two locations


For permanent and economically rational elimination of traditional tape based backup problems and problem related to protection of the Big data, Backup Vault was introduced.

Backup vault is India’s fully managed fully automated Cloud based agentless backup solution that provides the peace of Mind that the industry’s top performers are longing for.

After Backup Vault:

  • Forever incremental backup
  • Daily incremental Backup Window reduced to 3 hours
  • 2 Terabytes of file data archived for long term retention
  • 1 Terabyte of data remaining after compression and de-duplication is being backed up every day


Archival of the unused data

Thanks to the diagnostic capability tool integrated within Backup Vault, 2 TBs of older and unused data has been identified and thus low cost archival model was proposed. Ultimately the remaining 1.5 terabytes of data were ready for disk to disk backup with Backup Vault.

Reduced amount of data to be backed up

The remaining 1.5 terabytes of data were protected with full initial backup and permanent incremental backup, which means that only changed particles of file data are being backed up. Backup window for Incremental backups has been reduced from 5 hours to 3 hours. After compression, the actual data to be backed up was reduced to approximately 1 Terabyte.

Tapes have become part of the history

No more hassles related to physical management and maintenance of backup tapes. The central file server and the remote file server are now centrally managed and protected which eliminates the logistical challenges of managing tapes between both locations.

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