"“Generally, we have seen the tendency to sell the product and runaway. And this is typically of the OEMs. With ACEDATA, we found a Western product with Indians solution that made us relaxed and comfortable. There have been occasions where you have encountered difficulties and the resilience and patience that you have shown increased my confidence in you.""

Mr. JP Dwivedi

"“The biggest benefit of ACE DATA is because we didn't have a dedicated person for backup. It took that headache out of everyone's minds and certainly mine that I knew that I had someone I could catch hold of one-point person for backup which I didn't have earlier. It would not be anyone's fault if something went wrong and with ACEDATA with their commitment to the whole backup process. I have my data safe off site and the biggest advantage the benefit that we have derived is peace of mind. Give it a spin for sure. Don't think it won't work for you. It works. “"

Mr. KY Iyer

"“Vision of Orbis's business has always been clear. We need to have high-performance less downtime, more productivity, faster recovery, having more backup on time, creating more value for the organization with the little cost and all these things are been an advantage with ACEDATA they have to really exploit ACEDATA’s technology and support in reaping all these benefits.”"

Mr. Manikant
Orbis Financials

"The biggest benefit we found while working with ACEDATA is guidance to manage our business-critical data, it is not only the product selling, it is a guidance you design solution provisioning complimented by their excellent support.Also, their goal understanding and their investment, which they make time to time know to provide their solutions to their debt availability and data management is not like a product selling company."

Mr. Vishal Gupta
Apollo Hospitals