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Data is the critical backbone of your business – Protect It

AbhrayaLogoThe importance of data in your business cannot be stated strongly enough. ERP data, PPTs, Word docs, Excel, accounts and financial records, administrative contracts, documents and agreements, your e-mails and calculations etc., everything is critical data. This is multiplying exponentially, increasing in volume at a pace beyond your wildest imagination. Inspite of it being your biggest asset, it is also becoming a liability and problem.
It is a resource hungry monster, with just routine maintainence taking about 70% time of IT department in any organization, leaving only 15% time each for productive jobs like growth and transformation. The cause of this problem is the pace at which data is growing. It doubles in size every 1.2 years, likely to grow from just about 7 Zetabytes now to a whopping 35 ZB by 2020. Increase in workforce mobility, with over 65% of mobile workers carrying a smart device, has further complicated this problem.
All this data is under constant threat. Accoding to an University of Texas study, only 6% of companies who face a major data loss survive long term. 43% never reopen, and 51% close within 2 years. Backing up business data is a business necessity, ensuring you can be up and running in no time in case of a catastrophy.
Ace Data Abhraya cloud backup vault is a backup solution specially optimized for IT, Business and Professionals. It seamlessly protects and recovers your mission critical data securely and quickly, offering various advantages over competition.
With one solution suitable for all operating systems and various database applications, it is a centrally deployed and managed system requiring minimal hardware and bandwidth resources. No more problems of managing agents, backup schedules, policies, devices and multiple storage media.
So call us today and we can suggest how to deploy this system in your specific environment in the best possible manner.

Single Code Base Architecture – One Tool Does It All

Agentless Architecture

Agentless Architecture

To backup desktops, laptops, and servers including online databases. No need to install on static devices, only mobile devices. Makes management and maintenance centrally controlled, easy and robust.


Faster Restoration

Ensured perfect and quick restoration. Optional single file and message level restores. Remote access with virtual office capabilities. Speedier backup and restore timings, and faster server support.


Local Compression

Data is compressed locally to reduce the amount of data traveling to the cloud, thus saving time and bandwidth costs, and also ensuring that the total amount of data stored on the cloud is reduced.


Full Scalability

Grows automatically as your need grows. Start with and pay for only what you need today, and add more storage as your requirement increases. No expensive hardware or software upgrades required ever.


Auto Archival

Policy based transfer of old and unused data to lower priced archived tier, resulting in huge cost savings. Backup lifecycle management with policy based data destruction and issuance of destruction certificates.

Local & GlobalDeduplication

Local & Global Deduplication

To reduce the amount of data traveling to and fro, and stored on the cloud. As you are charged on the basis of stored data and not the actual size of data, costs are reduced.


Multi-Device, Multi-OS, Multi-Application

Single platform for backup and recovery for ALL major desktop and mobile OS and applications. Windows, MacOSX, Unix, Linux, Android, iOS. Oracle, SAP, DB2, MSExchange, MSSQL, Lotus Domino, etc.


Time Savings

Reductions in weekly backup times from 20 hours to 1 hour. Ensures that ALL backup routines get completed, so that you are sure that the data has fully backed up every time. Frees resources for other jobs.

NoLicensing Policy

No Licensing Policy

Need not purchase additional licenses on adding of servers, laptops, desktops, tablets or other mobile devices. Pay as you use per GB per month. No per client or feature based licensing restrictions.


Centrally Controlled

Central control of backup policies means no learning curve for end users. Central point of backup management ensures that people who understand the policies get to be in control.

Secure Transfers& Storage

Secure Transfers & Storage.

Using highest levels of authentication mechanism. FIPS 140/2 certified AES 256 bit encryption to ensure security during data travel as well as storage on the Cloud.


Fully Compliant

With Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, HITECH and other global standards for storage, backup and disaster recovery. Gives audit compliant reports, meaning you do not have to worry about audits ever.

DeltaTransfers Only

Delta Transfers Only

Forever incremental backups. After first full backup, every time only the data that has changed or created new is transferred to the Cloud,saving time, bandwidth and thus costs.


Shared Infrastructure

Lets you use the best infrastructure which is not viable to use individually, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced costs. Updgrades and updates are not your responsibility or headache.


Hybrid Model

Cloud backup stored offsite ensures redundancy, while local backup on your premise ensures faster recovery times. Result is rapid recovery and you get the benefit of best of both worlds.


Reduced Costs

Resulting from NO extra infrastructure investments, long term commitments or hidden costs. Pay only for what you use Per GB/month. 5-year total cost of ownership reduction by 36%. No maintenance overheads.


Full Reliability

100% successful data restores rates all the time. Backup is all about recovery. Our technology ensures that you will never loose your data under any circumstances, so you can just rest assured.


Full Redundancy

N+1 redundancy with data duplication. It offers resilience that ensures system availability, and remote or offsite location storage ensures 24×7 availability even in event of a complete disaster.


Minimized Intervention

Little requirement of supervision. Just set it, forget it, and be free from worries about data security, storage, backup and disaster recovery. Have ample productive time for more important things of your job.

One ToolDoes it All

One Tool Does it All

Single Code Based Architecture. Integrated data recovery resulting in lower bandwidth usage, deduplication and compression meaning reduction of data size, and auto archival for lower costs.

Ace Data Abhraya Features and Customer Testimonials

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Specially Optimized For

Top 5 Sins of Enterprise Backup and Recovery

  • Self-service interface and process for file recovery from a cloud service was too complex for most users
  • Unavailability of IT staff required for recovery and/or restoration
  • Delayed recovery process due to tapes or external hard disks being stored offsite
  • Impaired connectivity hampering recovery of a file from the cloud
  • Granular file recovery was unavailable—multiple files and applications or an entire snapshot had to be restored to recover a small number of critical files

Top 5 Reason for Data Loss

  • Accidental Deletion
  • Viruses and Malware
  • File Corruption
  • Hardware Damage
  • Software Crashes