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History of Ace Data

Started in 1996 by Neeraj Mediratta and Anuj Mediratta, Ace Data Devices Pvt Ltd was established as an IT hardware and software sales company. We soon realized the immense potential in specializing in data management, archival, storage, backup and retrieval services. Since then, we have gained immense experience in this field, and are today regarded the specialist and prime suppliers of data related services and solutions in the Indian market.
Along the way, we established many local and international alliances with the best in the field, both in hardware and software. We further refined this by building up our own comprehensive and complete solutions around the products supplied by our partners. So instead of providing standalone hardware devices or software packages, we started customizing turnkey solutions including managed services for our enterprise customers.

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Our Skill Sets

Cloud Backup 90
Backup Assessment 95
Managed Services 85
Big Data Analytics 75

Business Scope of Ace Data

Data is the foundation and heart of any business in this information age. The importance of data in business cannot be stated strongly enough. Everyone understands the importance of data capital. One’s collection of data is what gives one a competitive edge. Data is everywhere.
Customer and vendor contacts & e-mail correspondence, contracts and agreements, research and knowledge capital, business plans, policies, presentations and reports, technical and commercial offers, accounts and financial records, spreadsheet calculations and word-processing documents, ERP, SAP, Oracle and other business process application databases, training and corporate processes, HR and personnel records, pictures, videos, music, everything is precious Data — the lifeline of any business. Critical backbone on which businesses operate.
And all this data is multiplying exponentially. Increasing in volume at a pace beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.
Increased workforce mobility means that this data is distributed all over. In various office locations, on servers, on desktops and laptops, and lately, on various mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.
All this data is under constant threat. Accidental deletion, hard drive crashes, viruses of various sorts, theft, fire or other accidents can erase data in an instant, and with it someone’s lifelong labor. On top of this, workforce mobility has made data more prone to accidental loss.
Managing data securely is a business necessity, ensuring one can be up and running in no time in case of an emergency.
Ace Data Devices is in the business of providing data backup, archival, storage and disaster recovery solutions that are specifically suited for business environment. To seamlessly manage, protect and recover mission critical data quickly and with integrity, offering a variety of advantages over competition.

Approach That Helps You Take Pressure Off Work

From strategy to support, Ace Data Devices works closely with you to maximize the value of your IT investments and that of your quality time.

  • Examines your business environment: The first step of our association with you starts from studying your business environment. We take all your exact infrastructure details and examine the hardware and software at your premises.
  • Identifies needs and concern areas: Our consultative approach involves a clear understanding of your business strategies, challenges and needs.
  • Plans and designs solutions: We internally discuss every situation and design the optimal vendor independent solution for you. Each plan we design ensures your backup, information storage, management and processes that meet service level agreements and maximize your ROI.
  • Proposes solutions: Drawing insights from the information provided by you, we offer expertise advice both in technical and commercial terms.
  • Provides implementation: Ace Data Devices partners with you to schedule, prepare, and deploy new solutions with maximum ease.
  • Manages and supports: Team Ace removes the burden from your staff, improves productivity, and optimizes system performance by managing your infrastructure as per SLA defined.

Ace Data Mission Statement

“To take complete care of customer’s digital wealth, profit using focussed data-centric approach, knowledge, and experience including partners’, and strive towards zero data loss, back to business within the hour, and real time analytics for BI”

Ace Data Vision Statement

“Become a company that customers willingly trust with the management of their digital wealth and well-being, assured of zero data loss and up & running within the hour in case of a disaster at reasonable costs”

Valuable Team Members of Ace Data

Neeraj Mediratta
Neeraj MedirattaCEO / Managing Director
Starting his career in sales & marketing in Pharmaceuticals, Neeraj soon left that industry for more progressive and innovative IT career, better suited to his working style and temperament. Starting Ace Data as a computer hardware, software, peripherals and consumables vendor, he steered the company towards specializing in the niche sector of data storage, backup and disaster recovery vertical. He has helped build the marketing network for Ace Data, and supported by developing well established vendor relationships with international market leaders in this vertical like EMC, Asigra, HP, Netapp and VMware etc. He is now engaged in enlarging the market geographically by expanding to more regions, both within India as well as internationally. His vision is to establish Ace Data as a leading international player in storage.
Anuj Mediratta
Anuj MedirattaFounder and Director Technical
Trained as a software professional, Anuj founded Ace Data with his elder brother in 1996. He has been specializing in the storage and backup industry since 2002. Seeing an opportunity and recognizing the potential in this niche earlier on, he has been implementing and consulting on various storage, backup and disaster recovery requirements in heterogeneous environments. These environments include operating systems like Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP-Unix and IBM AIX plus a variety of databases and applications. Anuj focuses on providing best-of-breed data protection and management solutions to enterprises, along with dependable world class support services, and is currently driving his cloud based backup offering – Ace Data Abhraya Cloud Backup Vault in the Indian market. He holds several industry certifications in data storage, backup and disaster recovery related technology. He is one of the most experienced engineers in this field in India, and this is a fact acknowledged by international vendors of this vertical.

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