Agentless Architecture for Optimized Backup Performance

Optimize Your Production & Data Backup performance with Agentless Backups

Agentless backups help optimize the backup & production environment in multiple ways:

  • Completely secure: No production application or database server is directly exposed to Cloud
  • Minimal Production Load: Deduplication, encryption & compression are processed on the Virtuaal Vault client so no extra processing on production servers
  • Reduce deployment cycle: Just install software on one server and configure your backups remotely.
  • Easy to upgrade: Only need to upgrade software on one server that too has an auto-upgrade option done remotely.
  • Easy to troubleshoot: All logs are generated on one server so no need to seek server owner’s permission for logs

Gain Paramount Level Security, Functionality, & Scalability across your Data Centers 

The goal of having Ace-Data backup is to ensure paramount level security for the organizational data. The Ace-data offers agentless architecture for backups that are scalable, functional, and supportive with old and new software. Scalability allows the software to work automatically without slowing down the speed. The smart and scalable backup system makes the data backups flexible and efficient across different host servers. Decades of specialized experience in the technology field, Ace-Data provides you low impact agentless backups with robust architecture that are ideal for dynamic workloads. The robust backup solution by Ace-Data is capable of backing up various desktop, laptop, and other device’s data all in one go.