BLM & Data Destruction

Data Destruction Process

Automatic Data Backup following regular schedules so your Data stays secure


Virtual Vault has an extensive, calendar-based scheduler for automatically executing backup sets. Schedules can be defined to execute backups daily, weekly, monthly, or at a more randomly defined frequency.

Multiple schedules can be defined, and multiple backup sets can run on a single schedule. Where multiple backup sets are run on the same schedule, your network administrator can define the number of concurrent backup sets to be executed, and the priority in which they should be executed.

The Virtual Vault user GUI provides a graphical view of the backup schedules. This allows your network administrator to quickly view the status of the backups and identify any conflicting or overlapping schedules.


Policy-driven data destruction so you have more space for critical Data Backup

All backups are not required to be stored forever. Retention policies are defined by a threshold ex. Retaining yearly backups for 7 years or monthly for 10 years etc. Virtual Vault deletes the backup set from its repository automatically when a backup set or backup of a day crosses its retention period defined by you.

The deletion is secure. Disk blocks are re-written up to seven times to ensure that the backup copy is not traceable and no one can extract your backups from the old disks.

Virtual vault also issues a data destruction certificate for the deleted backup sets to ensure you have a safe record with you forever for your audit & compliance requirements.