Cloud Backup vs Cloud Storage: Which is Right for You?

Cloud Storage Vs Cloud Backup

So, you're probably wondering what the deal with all these different services is right? Well, hang on to your hat because it's about time for a lesson in comparative intelligence. 

Services like cloud backup and cloud storage seem very similar but they actually have some pretty significant differences; let us take them one by one:

What is Cloud Storage? 

The cloud storage service is like an extension of your hard drive. It lets you free down space on your device and store data in the Cloud so that it can be accessed from anywhere with internet access! Some examples include Dropbox or OneDrive - they're both great options

Pros of Cloud Storage 

  • Files are stored in one centralized location. You can access your files from any device 
  • Files are easily shareable with friends and family
  • Allows easy syncing between devices

Cons of Cloud Storage

  • Have to manually transfer data or you can turn on the file sync option
  • Data has to be monitored continuously for changes
  • Files lost once can’t be retrieved easily
  • Data lost or infected on laptop or computer, might get infected in Cloud storage too

What is Cloud Backup?

Cloud Backup, on the other hand, is a third-party service designed to protect your data from loss or any catastrophic event like disaster or theft. In Cloud Backup Service, files are stored remotely and safely off-site, so even if your computer crashes or is destroyed, your data will be safe and can be retrieved anytime. 

Pros of Cloud Backup

  • You do not need to drag and drop files in cloud backup. Automatic scheduled & Continuous Data Backup takes place itself.
  • Multiple copies of data are saved.
  • In cloud backup, earlier versions of files too are stored, so even if you overwrite a file, you can still recover it from an earlier backup.
  • The cloud backup service provider encrypts your files before uploading them to the cloud and sends them to the offsite server through a secure tunnel using advanced encryption technology. 
  • In cloud backup the service provider provides utmost data privacy policies.
  • Files can be easily recovered and restored during disasters.

Cloud Backup Service Vs Cloud Storage

There are several advantages of using a cloud backup service over cloud storage for your data protection needs. 

  1. More Affordable - Cloud Backup Service is more affordable than cloud storage Also, Cloud backup service providers offer discounts for storing large amounts of data.
  2. Convenient -Cloud Backup is more convenient than cloud storage because you can recover your data anywhere in the World just through an internet connection.
  3. Completely automated – It means you do not have to remember to back up your files, it happens automatically in cloud backup whereas in cloud storage you need to transfer, create and store them manually.
  4. More reliable - Cloud backup service is more reliable than cloud storage because it stores multiple copies of your data in different locations. This means that if one copy of your data is lost or corrupted, you can still access your data from another location.

So, what are the deciding factors for choosing – Cloud Storage or Cloud backup

The first and most important factor is - How important is data protection? If it is not that important, then cloud storage is all you need. But if your data is critical and you can't afford to lose any of your data, then cloud backup is the better option.

Secondly, How do you want to access/share your data? Cloud storage is good if the target is to have common storage for multiple people. Cloud backup further ensures the protection of your data by making copies.

Third, How often do you need to access your data? If your data access needs are frequent and collaborative, cloud storage is the right choice. If you want to protect this data from accidental deletions & other threats, cloud backup is the right option.

Conclusion - Which is right for you – Cloud Storage vs Cloud Backup

So, if you are looking for a simple way to store and share files, then cloud storage is probably all you need. However, if you want to make sure your data is always safe and encrypted, then consider using a cloud backup solution.

Cloud backup is the more reliable, convenient, and affordable option for comprehensive data protection. Simply put, Cloud backup offers you peace of mind knowing that your data is safe, secure, and accessible from anywhere in the world. 


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