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Ace Data Abhraya Addresses Data Protection Problems for Professionals

Ace Data Abhraya helps you maximize the value of your Data Protection investment. Whether you struggle with an existing implementation or you aim to define a new strategy, Ace Data’s Protection Consultants specialize in transforming your vision into clear business objectives, assessing the state of your current infrastructure, and defining a clear list of requirements for achieving your security vision. Once the business objectives are agreed upon, a Data Protection Consultant will work with you to create the blueprints for your vision and meet with compliance standards applicable to your specific profession.

Your Professional Expertise Supported by Our Data Protection Specialization

Value Proposition for Chartered Accountants

As Chartered Accountants and Cost Accountants, you are custodians of financial data of your clients. Oftentimes, the clients presumed that you are also responsible for the safeguard of that data. Ace Data Abhraya brings you solutions specially suited to such needs, where keeping such records and data is never a trouble for you. The data keeps safe, and automatically archived by predefined policy, till the time required by law.

Data Protection for Lawyers and Advocates

Your case history, information regarding your and other similar cases, client communication, records and other administrative data, all of this has to be kept secure. Safety and security of data has gained utmost importance in today’s digital world, as has privacy and secrecy. Ace Data Abhraya’s solution offers highest level of encryption and security for your precious data, during its transfer to and from the cloud, as also during its resting stage.

IT firms, Developers and Business Process Outsourcing

The work of software development and BPOs by nature generates loads of data quantities. And that data is your bread and butter. Increased workforce mobility and BYOD (bring your own device) has further complicated the nature of this data upkeep. You cannot afford to loose it to any human or natural disaster. In such a case, you need a robust backup and disaster recovery service that works transparently to get you back to whatever version and level of state you want to go back to.

Engineering Companies and Design Firms

There was a time when all your work was done by hand on paper. Documents were your treasure. No more. In the new digital world, all your work resides as data on hard drives of desktops, laptops and now increasingly on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. This varied nature of data distribution has made it more difficult to maintain a regular backup policy. Therefore all this data in danger of being lost. Ace Data Abhraya gives you solutions with 100% recovery assurance on a pay per use model for your convenience and investment ease.


Ace Data Abhraya Cloud Backup Vault Connector Appliance

The new ACE Cloud Backup Connector Appliance pre-installed with Ace Data Abhraya Cloud Backup Vault Software (powered by Asigra) provides geographically distributed enterprises with the opportunity to maximize their technology investments at their remote and branch offices. Protect all the data locally on the LAN or backup securely to your designated offsite data center. Experience the freedom to explore data protection in any one of the following cloud deployment models — private, public, or hybrid.

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