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ACE DATA Devices Pvt. Ltd. believes that to build a strong ethical organization, it needs to be anchored to its values and beliefs. All our employees consistently display these values in the course of their interactions with customers, vendors, partners and general public. Ace Data prides itself on the high standards embodied in its working principles. We suggest guidelines for the Professional, Ethical, Legal and Socially Responsible behavior that the company expects from its employees, and expects them to uphold the values in their day-to-day activities and carry themselves with appropriate professional and personal conduct that is in alignment with our guiding principles.

Having reached a stage where we are considered market leaders and innovators in the area which we serve, we are ready to now catapult ourselves to the next stage of development. Our vision is to extend the range of our market from large enterprises to medium and small businesses, ensuring everyone who has mission critical data can take advantage of our experience and offerings to safeguard their business interests.
We want to reach the turnover size of Rupees One Hundred Crore by the year 2016, and for this purpose we are extending and rebuilding our team. We are looking for people with team spirit and enthusiasm who can help us achieve our mission, vision and goals, and benefit their career along the way.


We work and behave like a close knit family unit, with equal stress on putting hard work and enjoying while we are at it. With an open, free, innovative and encouraging work culture, we depend on the happiness of our people to form a stress free environment where growth is ensured and entrepreneurship is aptly rewarded. We take pride in the quality of work that we do, and our greatest reward is seeing the satisfaction and sense of security on the faces of our customers, and the trust and bonding that we develop with them. With creative thinking and new ideas, we strive to provide best of class services to our customers, and appreciate the zeal and vigour shown internally.

We believe in celebrating life, and take every opportunity to turn events into festivities. Personal and professional achievements are always an occasion to party and enjoy at Ace Data.

In this ever changing world of IT, keeping abreast is a challenge we take very seriously. Everyone is a constant part of formal training exercises and workshops, ensuring that all of us keep the advantage of cutting edge technological advances in our field.

An objective, transparent and performance based employee appraisal system ensures that your hard work, innovativeness and enthusiasm never goes unnoticed. Remuneration and career advancements are based on how good you are and how efficiently you perform. Exemplary achievements above the call of regular duty are rewarded over and above the regular compensation packages. Listening, sharing, and constructive feedback are the methods where you can keep track of your progress in the echelons of career path, steering course as might be required.
We hope that working with us you do not just enhance your career, but become a better citizen, and a better person.


Salaries and other benefits in Ace Data are comparable with the best in the industry and one can expect to be rewarded highly on consistent performances. Understanding that happy and satisfied employees are a strong pillar of our foundation, we believe in taking care and moving forward together with them.


We are looking at top quality people to join our team. If you have an appetite for challenges, we have an exciting career for you! Fill in the appended application form with the job code that excites you and we shall get in touch with you in case your skill set and experience matches our requirement.

List of Openings

Sales Executive

The role exists to effectively support the sales and business development team in building Ace Data’s share of volume & value of business

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The role exists to build Ace Data’s share of volume & value of business among the IT services market in the assigned geographies.

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Technical Lead

The purpose of this position is to monitor the backup & recovery operations running in NOC. The role exists primarily to ensure a high degree

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Technical Specialist
– L1 (Experienced)

The purpose of this position is to provide backend support to all customers having a support contract with ADD. The support could be remote or on site.

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Technical Lead
– L2

The purpose of this position is to provide backend support to all customers having a support contract with ADD. The support could be remote or on site.

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Technical Associate
– L1 (Fresher)

The purpose of this position is to provide backend support to all customers having a support contract with ADD. The support could be remote or on site.

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Equal Opportunities Employer

Ace Data provides equal opportunities to all its employees and treats them with dignity. All decisions pertaining to eligibility, qualification and selection of applications in all matters are strictly based on merit. No discrimination is made based on race, caste, religion, colour, ancestry, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, ethnic origin or disability.