Trusted Backup Replication Solution Provider

Replicate Backups to a Remote Site

Our enterprise backup solution has the inbuilt capability of replicating the backups to a third site also referred to as a secondary backup site. All we need to do is to enable the replication and the replication starts. You now have an additional site where your data stays protected. 

Once enabled, our primary system starts replicating the backups to the secondary site over the network. Data Backup & recovery jobs are given priority, so every time a request comes in for a backup or a recovery, replication stops. It allows new incremental data to come in and then it resumes the operations once the backup/recovery request finishes off. No need to trigger any operation manually.

In event of a primary site failure, backups can automatically continue directly to the secondary site and recoveries can be done from the secondary site. When the primary site resumes, systems automatically sync between them and ensure the same set of backups are available on both sites. 

None of these operations need to be manually triggered or monitored. They work automatically. You do not need to have identical setups on both sides and our enterprise backup solution does not need proprietary hardware to run its operations.

Our customers enjoy multi-site safety on two different infrastructure providers or different geographies to protect their data while meeting the compliance requirements.