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Cloud Backup and Recovery Managed Services for Healthcare Clinics

cloud_services_for_healthcareExperience worry-free backup for your clinic or hospital
For many industries backup is critical, but none more than HealthCare. The data you maintain and protect affects patient care and falls under stringent healthcare compliance requirements.
Used at hundreds of healthcare providers like you, Ace Data Abhraya Cloud Backup Vault, a cloud backup managed service powered by Asigra, transforms the effort and security of backing up and restoring your healthcare data. Here’s how:

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Why Ace Data Abhraya powered by Asigra is the First Choice of HealthCare Organizations

healthcare_sellsheet_iconIt’s time to get on the cloud!

By now it’s clear that data backup and recovery “in the cloud” provides superior reliability, security, flexibility, scalability, and value to all other approaches. The days of worrying about making, checking, transporting, and storing tape backups are a thing of the past! Used at numerous healthcare providers like you, plus more than one million sites worldwide, Ace Data Abhraya Cloud Backup Vault powered by the award-winning Asigra cloud backup software transforms the backup of your healthcare data.

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Why HealthCare Data Backup Should Be in the “Cloud”

Over the past decade, cloud backup, recovery and restore options have emerged as the most secure, flexible and reliable solutions. There are seven key advantages to using cloud backup at your healthcare clinic or practice.

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How Ace Data Abhraya Cloud Backup Vault Protects Your Network

  • Cloud Backup for Healthcare
  • Key Cloud Backup Features
  • Protection for your Whole Network
  • The 3 Levels of Backup Intelligence
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