LAN Storage Discovery

Know what Data are you Storing and for how long

Our enterprise cloud backup solution has the capability to scan through your network and get into the depth of your data. We can tell you what kind of data is there on your servers. We can help you extract the age of the data and make an informed decision.

You may not even be aware of how much non-critical data is available on your network. We often see organizations configuring to backup everything without realizing that a good amount of it could be non-critical to the organization or may just be some user's personal data. Excluding them from the backups help manage a lot of resources including bandwidth, processing time, and destination storage.

Our cloud backup solution helps retain the different types of data differently. Old data, data not accessed for long...retain on low-cost storage on offline backups.

No need to guess your investment

Most of the backup applications have standard templates to fill in and estimate your data on spreadsheets. We help you eliminate any such dependence on unknown things. Our solution can be deployed to extract information about the exact compression & deduplication ratios on your real data. We prefer to run the tool on your applications and database for at least one week to help you monitor the actual size of data you have and the daily growth of your data. 

Furthermore, without actually backing up anything, we can tell you the compression & deduplication you will achieve from your data. This helps you estimate the bandwidth required & the size of the data that would be stored on our cloud infrastructure so that you can plan your resources & budgets very efficiently.

Give us an opportunity to help you get insights into your data in terms of its aging, compression & deduplication ratios to help you take a wise data backup decision on your cloud backup strategy.