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Ace Data delivers data protection and secure file sharing to manufacturing firms

For manufacturing firms, optimizing operations, controlling costs, gaining technological advantages, and improving margins are essential to business success. As a result, employee downtime from data loss or breach of company IP can have severely negative business consequences.
To eliminate downtime and enhance productivity, Ace Data Abhraya Cloud Backup Vault powered by Asigra automatically backs up all endpoints, prevents data breach, gives IT full visibility and control, and provides secure mobile access and collaboration.

Eliminate Employee Downtime, Speed Up Decision Making

Protect data on all your users’ devices

Your employees use multiple devices – laptops in the offices, tablets on the plant floor, and smartphones while on the go – to access and create content. In order to ensure zero downtime if a device is lost or stolen, Ace Data Abhraya Cloud Backup Vault powered by Asigra provides continuous data protection on laptops, tablets, and smartphones with high-performance backup.
Self-service restores give your employees instant access to their data from the client application, mobile apps or even a web browser.

Prevent breach and ensure privacy

With critical information on your employees’ laptops and mobile devices, you need the highest levels of security and data privacy. That’s why Ace Data Abhraya Cloud Backup Vault powered by Asigra encrypts data in transit with 256-bit SSL and data in storage with 256-bit AES. Encryption of data on endpoints, remote wipe, and mobile containerization ensure that your IP is safe from breach, no matter what happens to devices. Ace Data Abhraya employs 2-factor encryption key management so that no one—not even Ace Data—has access to your data in the cloud.

Achieve endpoint data governance

Given the sensitive and confidential nature of information and research data residing on employee devices, having full visibility and control of data is imperative for IT. With Ace Data Abhraya Cloud Backup Vault powered by Asigra, you can control all aspects of backup, access, and sharing with configurable policies and monitor activity with user audit trails. Complying with regulations, locating files across endpoints, conducting eDiscovery, and placing legal holds is all straightforward with Ace Data Abhraya’s built-in data governance features.

Enable mobile access and file sharing

On-the-go file access and real-time file sharing let your employees collaborate effectively and make effective decisions with the right information. Ace Data Abhraya Cloud Backup Vault powered by Asigra gives your users anytime, anywhere access to their data from their laptop, mobile devices, or the web. Staff who work directly with external partners can securely collaborate by creating using guest accounts that allow clients to view, edit and/or upload files.

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