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Simplify it all: Collaboration and Concurrent Access

Ace Data Abhraya Cloud Backup Vault powered by Asigra enables news broadcaster, media producers and artists to store all file-based data in one place, eliminating the need to track where content lives or wait until it is made available locally. Users can work concurrently on the same file, or on different files, generating hundreds of SD, HD, and 2K streams for ingest, edit, rendering, and playout access all on the same storage pool – without performance degradation. Always be first with the breaking news and stay ahead of competition.

Decode digital media data for insights, performance, profit.


Media and Entertainment IT administrators face the challenge of optimizing network operations to better serve the needs of their business. They need to reduce the cost and risk of managing network services delivery, evaluate network operations, technology, and standards, and identify opportunities for transformation. They also need to implement network management solutions in virtualized environments and optimize operations and services delivery management.

Ace Data helps you to develop a comprehensive Local, Cloud-based or Hybrid strategy, optimize network operations, and achieve your vision of operational and IT transformation. Our  solutions enable enterprise IT and network operations organizations to reduce the time, cost, and risk of managing service delivery networks.

Our experts help you to evaluate network technology and standards, assess network management platforms, and implement network management solutions in virtualized environments. Ace Data teams apply domain expertise in communications, media, and entertainment and network operations skills to implement solutions that enhance customer experience and reduce risk and cost.

Enable New Revenue Streams, Unlock Customer Insight, and Optimize Networks.

Entertainment providers and media companies alike must harness massive amounts of data to improve user services. To be competitive, they need to manage structured and unstructured data from multiple sources, consolidate information and make it actionable, and differentiate customer experience from that of the competition.

Ace Data Vaishlashik Big Data Analytics Service helps you to transform your data into actionable insight to improve customer experience and operational efficiency.
Our big data analytics consulting services help you to:

  • Define an analytics strategy and select the right enabling technologies
  • Mine customer data and churn analysis for better customer engagement
  • Develop real-time analytics on network traffic to understand customer behavior and plan better
  • Uncover new usage and customer behavior data that can drive new product offerings
  • Manage enterprisewide analytics implementations
  • Differentiate service experience across all channels and customer touch-points

Ace Data analytics experts apply customercentric operating models and help you to implement solutions that leverage your valuable data across channels and products.

Big Data Solutions

Ace Data Abhraya Cloud Backup Vault’s scale-out storage for the media and entertainment industry delivers high performance, scalability, and ease of use while minimizing cost over time.

With its unique agentless technology and pay-as-you-use model, adding new data sources incurs no additional licensing costs. De-duplication and then Compression further reduces the data size to be stored, and thus the time taken for retrieval. Furthermore, it used the most advanced encryption technologies to ensure data security both during transit and at rest.

Performance Meets Productivity

Media organizations have significant performance needs such as supporting ingest and editing stations, rendering images for high-resolution 3D animation, compositing 2D images from multiple layers, and running color correction jobs on thousands of digital moving-picture exchange (DPX) files. Our solution meets those needs with maximized storage utilization rates, extremely high aggregate throughput, and over millions of file operations per second in a single file system to accelerate data access and delivery.

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