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Cloud BackUpPricing Guide

Costs of Owning a Cloud Backup: Few Points to Consider.

    - The data size to be protected.
    - The upfront cost of solution.
    - The recurring monthly/quarterly cost.
    - The hidden service charges associated with recoveries.

Important Pointers to Check Before Choosing Cloud Backup Service Provider

Security & Comliance

  • Verify how the cloud backup service provider encrypts data to protect them from any cyber-attack and comply with industry norms. For eg – In the healthcare vertical, the cloud backup service provider must comply with HIPAA.
  • Check what kind of security features are included in their control framework.
  • Find out how they keep all access to your data secure with cryptography, encryption, and tokenization technologies


  • Look at the performance and financial growth of the service provider.
  • Is he able to supplement you with customer testimonials and success stories? If No, then surely it’s a red flag.

Disaster Recovery

  • Ask your service provider if he provides additional disaster recovery plans? How easily data can be accessed afterward? What data will they back up? How often?
  • Are backups tested regularly, and how often?.
  • Cost

    Cost is one of the crucial factors. Don’t just select the service provider who provides the cheapest service. Look at the application requisites and their pricing collectively

    Best quality

    Money back

    Cheap price


      Cloud-based service:
      Remote data access, crucial for businesses needing constant info availability. Redundant servers globally.

      Storage Space:
      Essential, trend is unlimited storage, plans start at $2-$5/month.

      Upload Speeds:
      Quick uploads needed for cloud storage.

      User-Friendly Interface:
      Important, evolving web interfaces. User ease matters.

      Device Compatibility:
      Multi-device support. Access via web, direct phone/tablet backup.

      Affordable Plans:
      Budget-friendly pricing, free storage, transparent fees.