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    Our experts deliver reliable managed backup service while streamlining and consolidating multi-vendor data protection environments.

    We demonstrate audit artifacts and resiliency preparation with dependable 24*7 management, reporting, and monitoring along with predictable capacity-based pricing.

    Our cloud managed service experts work remotely with engineering, product & support teams to enhance performance and speed issue resolution as well as optimize techniques and reduce costs by applying new features. We cover software patches, health checks & etc.


Complete Ownership Of The Environment

A "turnkey" solution means that a service provider takes full responsibility for every aspect of a service, from design and implementation to operation and maintenance. Clients don't need to worry about day-to-day tasks or manpower availability. The provider ensures that the service adheres to defined standards, using on-site and back-end teams. This allows clients to focus on their core business while the provider handles all operational details.

Industry Compliance and Best Practices

In response to the growing importance of data security, we work closely with government agencies, regulatory bodies, and clients to establish industry-specific guidelines. By implementing tailored best practices and adhering to global compliance standards like HIPAA, FIPS 140/2, SOX, and HITECH, we ensure data security, competitive advantage, and regulatory compliance for our customers

Firmly Committed Scope of Work & Terms

We begin by assessing customer requirements and defining the scope of work. Once agreed, we commit to fulfilling this scope through on-site resources for daily tasks and our 24x7 NOC support. This ensures seamless service delivery and adherence to the contracted scope.

Adhere to Documentation

We've learned that well-tested documentation is key to stabilizing storage, backup, and disaster recovery systems. Our team provides comprehensive documentation of executed work, including Standard Operating Procedures, Knowledge Base, Process Documents, and Change Requests. This keeps you informed about our actions and procedures, safeguarding your interests.

Comprehensive Reports With Visual Data

After entrusting us with your storage, backup, and disaster recovery, we prioritize comprehensive operational reporting. This encompasses daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports as stipulated in the contract. Additionally, you'll receive regular health check assessments, data type analysis, and data aging comparisons across different periods.

Responsibility of Timely Product Upgrade

Managing updates and upgrades for diverse operating systems, databases, and applications is a significant challenge in storage and backup management. Our team handles this task by implementing OEM-provided upgrades after resource feasibility analysis. We prioritize preventing conflicts in your system and ensure your assets are adequate and suitable for updates.

Assessment and Technology Upgrades

In the ever-evolving tech landscape, we commit to staying ahead through continuous research. We share this knowledge by regularly assessing your current solution and suggesting technology refreshes or upgrades. This ensures your organization's growing needs are met and tasks are streamlined for improved outcomes.

Benefits You Will Get by Managed Services

Evaluate. Analyze system speed, efficiency, pinpoint bottlenecks, and propose usage optimizations. Analyze. Verify file, email, and database backups, ensuring comprehensive coverage. Assess business continuity plans for data restoration readiness. Reassurance. Cut costs, ease daily backup management, and minimize disaster recovery testing efforts.

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