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The challenge with tapes in the ACEDATA Data Backup Company refers to the issues and limitations associated with using traditional tape-based storage solutions for data backup and recovery..

Legacy Devices

You need to retain old data typically 15-20 years. Over time, tape technologies have been evolving & the backups are retained on old legacy devices. It is difficult to maintain the working units of these legacy devices and of tapes on which these backups are stored.

Data Availability

Tape media have never been too reliable. Media handling, dust & moisture are some of the key factors that reduce the life of the media. You are never sure if you would be actually able to recover the data when required despite managing the entire infrastructure and spending a huge amount of money on it.


The tapes are retained for the compliance and regulatory needs. Backups retained on the old technology tapes pose a threat of unsuccessful recoveries when audit needs come up. Most organizations need to arrange old drives & software to achieve their audit success.

Full Scalability

Our data archival solutions / Tape Recovery and Archival Services allow you to move infrequently used files from your system. This frees up your primary storage. We offer the least expensive and most scalable storage medium for unused data that must be preserved.

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Our service starts with a complete assessment of your environment. Our team analyzes your environment and assesses the applications running and their data protection needs. We consider your Recovery Time Objective, Recovery Point Objective, and the business requirement of backups recovery. We examine the speed and efficiency of your current system, identify bottlenecks, and suggest methods to optimize your usage strategies. For Risk Analysis, we check up on your file systems, email systems, and databases to determine if they are properly backed up. We assess your current business continuance plans to determine whether your processes, hardware, and facilities are in place to properly restore critical data in the event of data loss.
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As soon as we receive your tapes, we begin the process
Recover data from old tapes:
First, we will start with the restoration in the Tape recovery process.

Secure recoveries:
We share the infrastructure requirement and plan your recoveries accordingly. We deploy on-premise resources in your data center to build full infrastructure recoveries and then install backup applications.

Convert old backups to new technologies:
We offer cloud-based backup services that automatically convert old tape format backups into the latest backup technology that is stored on low-cost disks.,

Archive old backups:
Once recovered and validated, we offer services that help you store the data on low-cost storage for long-term retention.

Our Service


AceData provides continuous support during the entire Tape Recovery & Archival process by proving ongoing reporting, such as

  • We provide detailed reports on recovery success/failure per media basis
  • We provide detailed reports on tapes not recoverable and therefore backups not available
  • We provide detailed information on the overall data recovered in terms of applications & volumes of data
  • We provide detailed information on the destination of the recovered data to be easily accessible in future
Our overall Tape Recovery service provides end-to-end project-based service of recovering your data from old tapes, validating the same, and archiving it on low-cost storage for long-term retention.
Our Service


Unlike some other companies that offer the same service, AceData’s Tape Recovery & Backup Recovery Services are client-centered. Every step we take is in your best interest & has your company in mind. The AceData team is full of the most highly educated & experienced professionals in the industry who follow best industry practices. During the entire process, we work closely with your team & consider your unique needs. With AceData, you can count on a deeper level of care & incredibly dependable service. For detailed service & unparalleled customer support, choose AceData for your tape recovery system. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. To learn more about our tape services or to get started, contact us today.